What Makes Keystone Arms Stand Out from Other Carlisle Properties?

Keystone Arms

When you are trying to find townhomes for rent in Carlisle, you will want to look into our Keystone Arms. You will find there are many wonderful things here that will make moving to our community a great thing for you. When searching for townhomes for rent in Carlisle, check out what makes our Keystone Arms stand out among other Carlisle … [Read more...]

Useful Tips to Help You Decorate for the Holidays in Your Carlisle Apartment

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This holiday season, you don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate your apartment at Keystone Arms. Here are some tips to help you begin decorating for the holidays: To make a colorful centerpiece all you need is yarn, pine cones, and a white dish. Wrap brightly colored yarn around the pine cones, then place them in the bowl for a unique coffee or … [Read more...]

Stay Fit with the Carlisle Running Club

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For those days when you want to workout outside of the Keystone Arms onsite fitness center, check out one of the running clubs in Carlisle. The Carlisle Running Club is a nonprofit, community organization focused on supporting runners. They work hard putting together events and promoting running as a healthy lifestyle choice. There are wonderful … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Delicious Pizza at Miseno

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Have you been searching for a delicious pizzeria around our Keystone Arms community? If you want the best pizza in Carlisle, then you will want to head to Miseno! If you’re craving classic New York-style, deep dish, and Sicilian pizza, Miseno pizza is your one stop shop. In addition to their award winning pizza, they have a wide variety of cold and … [Read more...]

Effective Cardio Workouts in Our Fitness Center


Whether you are young or in your golden years, we all need to exercise. It keeps you healthy and helps maintain a strong body. If you're looking to get fit in our Carlisle apartments with a fitness center, you can try some of the workout routines FITNESS magazine recently shared that will not only help you burn calories but, it are also versatile and … [Read more...]